Metropolitan Houston Chapter

Chevron Retirees Association

June 2017​​

Liz Cubage
Liz currently serves on the Boards of Fayetteville’s Chamber of
Commerce and Fayetteville Area Heritage Museum. She also serves on
the City of Fayetteville’s Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Advisory Board and is a member of the Fayette County Tourism Association. She and her husband Spencer are very active in Fayetteville, but are not retired.  They own Pipeline Pigging Products located in Tomball Texas – but that’s another story.

Liz Cubage graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Parkside with a double major in Philosophy and German and earned her Master’s degree in Educational Technology at Texas A&M University. Before moving to Fayetteville in 2008, Liz had 34 years’ experience as an Educator and Administrator in both the Public and Private school sectors.

Pete Dodge
Pete has 38 years experience as an Exploration Geologist working the Gulf
Coast both on and offshore. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1977 with a
bachelor's degree in Geology. Pete began his professional career with The
Superior Oil Company in Lafayette and was more recently employed by Petro-
Hunt in Houston. He enjoyed a distringuished career with multiple oil and gas
discoveries where he contributed both geological and geophysical support
toward Gulf Coast prospect generation and development. He was a
contributing author for the NOGS "2010 Typical Oil and Gas Fields of South
Louisiana" and a guest speaker for LGS and SLOPES.

In addition to Oil & Gas exploration, Pete developed a love and passion for the
sport of bass fishing over the past 58 years and has never looked back! He is a charter member of the original Oilman’s’ Tournament held at Toledo Bend in the early 80’s and has fished as an amateur on the “BASS” circuit in Florida, 


Door Prizes
What would a Metro Houston Chapter meeting be without Door Prizes? Check our who won this time at Door Prize Winners.

Louisiana & Texas. His favorite lake to fish is Fayette County located just over an hour’s drive from Houston.​  He has fished Fayette County since the early 80’s and due to the recent downturn in the oil industry is now retired and lives just 1 mile from Oak Thicket Park, where he owns and operates Pete Dodge’s Guide Service as a full time professional bass fishing guide.

Pete has long recognized similarities between his professional career as a Geologist and the sport of
bass fishing as they both rely on contour maps, seismic or sonar data, amplitude interpretation and
quite frankly a little luck! Pete’s presentation today is focused on those similarities.

​We regret that we experienced equipment problems recording this program. We were only able to
capture the first 24 minutes of Liz Cubage's program. You may view it
here. We were unable to
capture any of Pete Dodge's program.