Metropolitan Houston Chapter

Chevron Retirees Association

Frequently Asked Questions​​

Q. What are the annual dues?

Q. How does the “Current Year Free” program work?

Q. How will I know my dues status?

Q. Do spouses need to pay dues?

​Q. I submitted my dues via PayPal. Should I get one or two confirmation messages?

​Q. Where do I send my check for dues?

​Q. I’ve changed my e-mail address, mailing address, luncheon location preference, etc. How do I update my MHC Profile?

Q. Can I still get the quarterly newsletter by postal mail if that is my preference?

​Q. Is there a link to the MHC brochure on the website?

​Q. Am I still eligible for Chevron discounts?

​Q. Can I still get Chevron matching contributions to Humankind?