Metropolitan Houston Chapter

Chevron Retirees Association

MHC Scholarship Program


The MHC Scholarship is a one-time award for recognizing academic excellence and personal development of graduating high school seniors who have applied to and been accepted by an accredited four year university/college or two-year community/junior college.  The amount of the MHC Award is currently $2,000.

To be eligible for the MHC Scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be sponsored by a current dues paying member of the MHC. 
  • Be the natural born, adopted or step child, grandchild or great grandchild of a dues-paying member of the MHC.
  • Achieve an SAT score of 1150 or higher (based on Critical Reading and Mathematics sections) OR an ACT score of 25 or higher.
  • Provide three completed confidential references
  • Submit an essay up to 500 words about themselves and their career goals.
  • Provide your high school Transcript documenting SAT/ACT Score, GPA, Rank in class, Size of class.

Any questions about the MHC Scholarship Program should be directed to the MHC Scholarship Program Coordinator.   

Please Note: Application, including all required documentation as specified in the Scholarship Application Package, must be received by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson by May 1, for the scholarship which is awarded at our June luncheon.  Therefore, to allow sufficient time for the completion, requests for Scholarship Application Packages should be made as early in the year  as possible.

Since our MHC Scholarship is limited to those applicants that are sponsored by a current dues paying member of the MHC, we must validate the student sponsor before sending a packet.  If you are a qualified sponsor, please fill out the Student Nomination and Sponsor Validation Form and send it to our Scholarship Chairman by either e-mail or postal mail at:


Mr. John Montgomery
Scholarship Committee Chairperson
Metropolitan Houston Chapter
Chevron Retirees Association
2803 Cane Field Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77479-1427