Metropolitan Houston Chapter

Chevron Retirees Association


The Metropolitan Houston Chapter (MHC) is a chapter of the Chevron Retirees Association (CRA). All
MHC members are also members of the CRA. If you would like to learn more about the CRA and
membership eligibility, please click this link, "
CRA Membership".

MHC membership is only $10 per year. We pay your annual $3 CRA membership for you. MHC members receive a quarterly newsletter and an annual membership directory. Any retiree of Chevron or one of its merged companies that has not been a member of any other Chevron Retiree Association chapter will receive their current year’s MHC membership for free.. If you qualify and would like to join our chapter please complete and submit our
Dues Payment and Member Data Form.

If you currently are a member of MHC and would like to renew your membership you may do so in
either of the following:

                       (you only need to fill out your name and any changed data)

If you have previously been a member of MHC or another CRA chapter and would like to join MHC,
please fill out and submit our
Dues Payment and Member Data Form

More information about the next meeting i.e. location, scheduled entertainment are shown on
Meetings tab. Links to video of the entertainment at the last meeting are also available there.